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Ward & cartridges in virtual reality

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Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri with the collaboration of Philip Belhassen

This project is a virtual exhibition “Ward & cartridges” already realized at the Alain Nadaud gallery in February 2016. It is a collaboration between the SaPhir Prod team and the two visual artists Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri to give more visibility and accessibility to all those who don’t have the opportunity to move.

SaPhiR Prod. is a Tunisian video game development studio founded by Philip Belhassen in 2012. The studio, specializes in video game development, serious games, for all platforms, including web, mobile and also Virtual Reality.

“How does one represent his own time?…

Surely not in attempting to illustrate it, nor by commentating on it or following it. In any case, it remains opaque to itself and to us. “We don’t see anything there!”, to repeat the lofty expression of critic Daniel Asasse, the man who taught us how to look at the details, and even beyond them. We attempt to see clearly, to enter into our own time—not with our eyes closed, or our vision obscured by an oversaturation of images, but with eyes wide open to occurrences that might amaze, even surprise, us. There are blind spots in our own time and we do not know how to recognize them or draw them out of their eloquent obscurity. Deafening silence. No words, no faces, no works… or rather, fittingly, there are indeed creative works that speak to us, captivating us and shedding illumination on our time…” Thierry Fabre