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Push with me … my voice is coiled

“Push with me … my voice is coiled”  Performance on the street

– Tunis le 9 December 2012.

– Sousse le 12 December 2012.

– Sfax le 23 December 2012.

– Gabes le 6 January 2013.

– Bizerte le 20 January 2013.

– Mahdia le 21 April 2013.

This project is a symbolic walk to the democracy.

It’s a call to push together the word “DEMOCRACY” written in Arabic letters. Each letter is dressed in photographs, depicting the details of Tunisian children’s faces, such as the nose that breathes freedom, the mouth that murmurs equality and expressive eyes full of concern. Innocent children watch us and remind us that Tunisia’s march towards democracy also concerns them. They represent the future and deserve democracy.

Each letter is fixed on a transparent pedestal equipped with four wheels. The letters are meant to be pushed into the streets of the cities by two people. During the action, people are invited to push with us so that the democratic process is born in Tunisia. A gesture of solidarity, showing a strong symbolic of the importance of the people to decide their own destiny. Hence, the title of the project “Help me to push, my voice is nothing without yours …”.

The aim through this project is to refresh the mind of citizens, ourselves and the politicians, that, only the willingness of the people can inverse tendencies and enforce a democratic order. The action of “pushing” symbolizes the suffering and the difficulty we have to face to reach the Democracy.

This moving installation is tending also to bring out the art from its closed spaces, the galleries, in order to share it together with the Tunisians.

This work would not have been possible without the AFAC grant (the Arabic Fund for Arts and Culture).

Solid is acquired and assumed with time; it remains invariable and sure, and constitutes the base of our personality. My ability to assume my difference to the others, to want to move obstacles or not, everything is a matter of choice. Giving me the freedom to adapt will not change either my person or my identity.