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The System

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Houda Ghorbel, “The System”, ceramic installation and pvc tubes, Mont Sammama, 2017



The society through the media, education, and environment… canalize us to be what we are.

Despite all the appearances, we are all trapped in a canalization system, from where it’s hard to escape… Is it destiny?


« Human I’m, sleep in my unhealthy seeds.

Just a drop, a second and dust, are enough for these seeds to wake up.

Wake up; it’s time to assault the other.

Wake up, it’s time to murder, stab, drain and exterminate!

I feel that the unhealthy seeds are waking up!

« – We demand to cover the body of the woman with a black shroud!

– We want to clean the streets, bars and mosques!

– We want to forbidden kisses in the streets…!

– … ! »

Is it this the world I would like to see?

And if I let my unhealthy seeds sprout, what would I become?

And if I surrender to my atavistic impulses and follow my primary instincts, who would I be?

An abuser spreading violence or a murderer who kills without any emotion // in a cold blood?

A rabid dog who seeks to protect himself by attacking?

A warrior half-flying, half-shot?

A citizen half-assaulted, half-aggressor?

An individual, indifferent to the atrocities of his actions?

A wandering soul seeking to convince itself of the rightness of its actions?

This world does not look like me!

I would like to convert my unhealthy seeds into healthy, hostility into hospitality and obscurantism into tolerance.

I would like to canalize all my negative strength and this current violence that has become normality, to transform the inner drives into high feelings and high moral values.


From a letter entitled, “If nature spoke, what could it say …?