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Zapisz Zapisz

Guardian Angel

Wadi Mhiri

“It is said that death is part of life and the reaper has one hundred faces. In the dull room, a white missile spreads its wings and forms repeated and insistent circular paths over the heads of the visitors. A pleasing roundabout created by a divinely rethought angel of death.

This installation prioritizes the seemingly altruistic side of certain powers that burnish their shields to hoist themselves to the ranks of guardian angels. Strategies are well honed to give scraps to one hand and savagely loot the other, which is already weakened in resources by those who trample across its lives and destroy its lands. This daily carnage is hidden, to the joy of those that control the planet, by the media as a fourth power.

The winged missile is dressed in the eternal characteristics of the angels to denounce human greed throughout history, a constant that only changes its form. Additionally, our era holds the dangers of propaganda and media hype that serve the elite and mask the most heinous crimes. The manipulation masters distance the real instigators and financers of wars and killings from the scene, whose false benevolence is shamelessly exhibited and becomes increasingly obsolete, while these same subjects of derision are thrust towards a more angelic and altruistic position. ”

Text written by Neila Mhiri and translated by Anne Marie Butler