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Zapisz Zapisz

Believe in yourself, and plant your dream…

“Believe in yourself, and plant your dream…” is an installation made in nature.

It’s an open invitation, to anyone, to enter a universe where he could cultivate his dreams.

The contact with the youth, whom parents are working in the phosphate mines in Tozeur, but also the observation of the Chott El Djerid (salt lake located between Tozeur and Douz ), inspired me and raised an issue that became evident in my mind : “If Chott El Djerid could dream, what will be its dream… surely, to be planted and green…”.

Immediately, the magic of the place worked on me, and I started by tracing five circles. In the first one, I planted seeds of barley and wheat, and left the four others virgin. Then, I asked every visitor to choose a circle, to lie down and close his eyes to soak up Chott El Djerid and set their thoughts run freely to find his dreams or formulate a wish. After that, the visitors are leaded to carefully take their dreams between their hands and plant it in the field nearby. The other ones assist and surround the imprint of others bodies with salt pan. The dream can be born even in the most barren lands, if the means of existence are offered to it.