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Aseker essghar

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Standing and proud, I inspire the light and I exhale my joy

Standing and proud, I inspire the earth and I breathe security


With the participation of « El Wissayia » Children’s :


A creative workshop of “little soldiers” or “Aseker essghar” is organized on 18th and 19th November at “El Wesaya primary school” in Djebel Sammama.

This workshop is about converting scarecrows, originally made to scare birds away from farmland into unconquerable little soldiers. These characters will keep following the path of the school. Their double-sided outfits are a camouflage for school entrants, and a flowery fabric for school leavers. The defender and welcoming side remains in each little “askri”. This warmth that characterizes the people of the South mingled with a new feeling of mistrust and the need to defend oneself and brave the dangers. Psychology has changed and the survival instinct has taken over.