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The System

Houda Ghorbel, “The System”, ceramic installation and pvc tubes, Mont Sammama, 2017



Destroy the earth without further ado!

Wadi Mhiri

1 // Title : Kamikaze Earth – Technic: glazed sandstone – 

Ward & cartridges in virtual reality

Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri with the collaboration of Philip Belhassen

This project is a virtual exhibition “Ward &

Aseker essghar

Standing and proud, I inspire the light and I exhale my joy

Standing and proud,

Ward & cartouches fel Djebel 

“Ward & cartouches fel Djebel” is visual art exhibition, in open air, at the foot of the mountain Sammama (Sbeïtla,

Ward & Cartouches في الجبال

Exposition d’art visuel « Ward et Cartouches fel Djebel »

Lieu : Au pied du mont Sammama (Sbeïtla,

Vide-mémoire | Empty – Memory

Vide-mémoire” is a performance installation made with wire and black light, realized at Kishlat Sidi El Morjani,

Vicious Circle

Houda Ghorbel & Wadi Mhiri with the participation of Niklas Grun.

An installation made with wire and black light under the door Spanish,

Containers for a continent

“Containers for a continent” is a floating installation built on the Niger river during the festival Ségou’Art 2016